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Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question is answered. If it's not, shoot us a message!


Q: What kind of decorating can you do?

A: You name it, we can do it. Screen Printing, Embroidery, Sublimation, Heat Press, etc.


Q: Do you have a minimum requirement?

A: We have a minimum of 36 pieces for Screen Printing. This minimum requirement helps us to keep your prices low. You can mixup your 36 pieces between shirts and hoodies and tanks, etc. It doesn't have to be 36 of the same piece of clothing. We can be more flexible with embroidery, but we typically ask for 24 pieces as a minimum.


Q: What's your turn around time?

A: We typically ask for 14 business days after art has been received and mock-ups have been approved. We will mock up your designs after you have approved pricing. We will never move forward until you're happy with the design. We may be able to turn your order around faster, but rush fees may apply.


Q: I have an idea, but I'm not an artist. Can you do the art for me?

A: Absolutely! You let us know what you're thinking and we'll do our best to bring it to life. Artwork fees may apply.


Q: Fundraising / Team Ordering - how does that work?

A: We like to take an individual approach to our clients who want to do fundraising, so each situation might be different, but typically you'll provide us an idea, we'll figure out what your costs are. Then you'll decide how much you want to sell the item(s) for. We always recommend selling your items on a website. To help keep your costs low, most schools and organizations piggy back on this website. We create a page just for your organization, and you send that link out to your families. When orders are submitted, the funds go to us, and then we produce your orders. When we deliver your orders to you, we cut you a check! Yeah, that's right - instead of you paying us, we pay you! Additionally, by piggy backing on our website, you are not limited to the number of products you can have. Some of the other websites, if you wanted your own stand alone one, limit the number of products you can have. Some don't have inventory control, and are just plain limited. We really have endless possibilities with this platform.


Q: My school wants to do Spirit Wear. Can you help?

A: Yes! We love helping schools do this! If you don't already have ideas in mind for your school's spirit wear, we can help you with that too. As Spirit Wear is typically done on a pre-order basis, we usually put the product up on the website for a week or two and allow people to order. Then we'll cut off the orders to allow us to print your designs. You'll be able to sell your items on our website for free, or we can develop a site for you for a one time setup fee. By selling on our site, we'll receive the money, taking that piece off of your plate, then depending on how you've structured your prices, will pay you the difference in price when your Spirit Wear is delivered. This is the best way, because you don't have to come up with the money to pay for the Spirit Wear, it's already paid for! 


Q: What fees are there?

A: Well, it depends on the project. But typically, we'll charge $1.50 per unit for sorting and packaging the order, we pass along the credit card fee, currently 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, and there is typically a website setup fee, which varies based on the complexity of the project. But those fees are easy to build into the cost of the product you're selling. We can give you an idea of how much to sell the items for, or you can tell us what you want to sell them for, and we can work backwards.